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DC – The New 52

I know there are a million opinions out there regarding this subject, but I feel the slight need to add my own to the pot.

So, what could I possibly be talking about? The New 52 from DC. Okay, I know that the internet is filled to the brim with those on both sides of the fence tossing out their thoughts about what has happened, what has happened, and what they expect to happen in the future. I will start out by saying that out of the 52 new titles I currently only read Justice League, Justice League International, Teen Titans, Legion of Super Heroes, and Legion Lost. To be perfectly honest, most of what DC offers simply doesn’t appeal to me. They spend way too much ink and paper on solo heroes, which is not my cup of tea. The team books, and the dynamics that are created by those situations are what I find intriguing. Of course, there are other “team” books in the New 52 that I didn’t pick up, but I did that for various reasons.

I do not like anything having to do with the supernatural, do that ruled out the “Dark” series of titles for me, including Justice League Dark. I avoid magic, vampires, zombies, and all their associated crap like the plague. And don’t even get me started on subpar idiotic ideas like Deadman. What a load of crap that is. That’s one of the biggest reasons I skipped the entire “Blackest Night” storyline from last year. I also shy away from gross and disgusting over-the-top violence and blood, which seemed to be the only thing anyone who read Animal Man and titles like that could talk about.

Comics used to be fun and rewarding experiences. They took you away from your own personal reality to a world where people could fly and see exotic lands and planets and save the damsel in distress. They were the modern forms of chivalry that no longer existed in the real world. Sadly, comics have been reduced to mindless violence, blood, gross sex, and other such disturbing images. Comics used to be for kids, they haven’t been for kids for a long long time. I pick and choose as to what titles I read for various reasons and the few titles that I have picked up from the New 52 have so far met my need for creative inspiration and storytelling without the disgusting things I mentioned. For that, I’m glad.

The Justice League is a true origin tale. It’s starting off slow as the heroes meet one another, not trying to slam all of them into the first issue, but rather raising the stakes as they go along and add more heroes. I like this new approach. It gives you the status quo while not overwhelming you at the same time. I’ve only read the first 2 issues, but if the quality continues as it has, there is little reason to question whether Justice League will continue to lead the sales charts.  Justice League International is the only place currently to catch up on one of my favorite characters, Booster Gold. The book showcases lesser known heroes and ones that were in the Pre-52 JLI. So far it’s been a standard team book, but hasn’t really brought anything new to the party that I was hoping it would.  I will continue to read it, but I can only hope that it improves story wise. Teen Titans looked interesting because of the new take on Red Robin. I like what I’ve seen of Wonder Girl so far but so far I really do not like the fact that they feel the need to introduce brand new heroes at this point. There are so many characters that could have been included that it seems a little stupid to have to resort to never before seen characters at this point. We were looking for a “reboot” or a “reimaging” of the heroes were knew and loved. The jury is still out on this book as well.

Legion of Super Heroes and Legion Lost will always be on my pull list no matter what.  I have been a fan of the LSH since I was a little kid and I have loved every reboot or reimagining that they’ve been put through over the years. What I appreciate about the Legion of Super Heroes is that they haven’t really been that affected by the “reboot” of the New 52. Rather, they continued on right where they had been before. I’m still not a big fan of some of the new members they incorporated from Adventure Comics but I’m sure if they were to give them some new costumes that they might eventually grow on me. Still, this is a comic that is well worth looking into. Forget the crap in the Edge and Dark lines and take advantage of the great work being done in the LSH. Legion Lost stars three of my all-time favorite legionnaires: Wildfire, Dawnstar, and Timber Wolf. For those three alone I would purchase this comic. The art and the story so far have drawn me in and are keeping me there for the long haul. I can only hope that other LSH fans pick up this book and devote as much energy to it.

So, over all, I would give the New 52 a D. A lot of what I’ve seen isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on, but at least I have found a few books that I can really put on my pull list that still incorporates the great things about comics that I have loved since I was a child.