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Key West Impressions

I will admit that I, like many I assume, had so many preconceived notions about exactly what Key West was all about. Happily, none of those ideas actually came true. At least not in my direct line of sight.

You always grow up hearing stories or seeing something on television that leads you to believe that the whole town is draped in rainbow flags and banana hammocks. The reality, at least in my personal experience, was a quaint tourist trap town filled with historic flavor and a beautiful harbor area filled with street performers where whole families were having a great time out for an evening stroll.

The atmosphere itself was peaceful and warm and the couples walking around the crowded shopping areas seemed happy and enjoying themselves. The town really held a rustic charm that I found so alluring. The old sailing boat on display, which was the remains of a shipwreck, reminded me that Key West indeed did haveĀ a herritage far better to dwell on that what the media liked to spin. Here was a town built on hopes and dreams. Just ask Hemmingway or Jimmy Buffett what it means to dream in Key West. This was a place far removed from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the country. After all, you have to be individuals chasing dreams to have built a highway through all the different keys, through the ocean water, only to reach the alleged southern most point of the Continental US.

Yes, the charm of Key West for me was the laid back atmosphere, the soft music playing from some local restaurant, and the beautiful lights and smells that drifted through the evening twilight.

Would I go back? Absolutely. Do I believe my next experience will be as good as the first? I think it would, but my great experience this time had everything to do with the people I was with. Having the right companions is always so important to how much you enjoy an experience. I’m glad I went with the people I did because together we disspelled mypreconceived notions and for that I very thankful.