Bush – Chevelle – Filter Show October 19, 2011

Let me begin by saying that I usually go out of my way to avoid any type of moshing environment. I’ve never been a fan of idiots throwing themselves against each other for some unknown insane reason.

Good, now that that’s off my chest, I’d like to say that the concert at the House of Blues on October 19 was AMAZING! The atmosphere was great, the music was fantastic, and the bands really put on an awesome show. The really great thing was that under normal circumstances I never would have been able to attend but my good friend Kelsey, the magical contest winning superstar, managed to snag a couple of free tickets from WJRR on top of the pair she pilfered from Craigslist and I was able to go! Woo to the hoo! Of course, Kelsey and her sister and mom went early in the day while I had to work and managed to get a spot right on the rail in front of the stage. I had to work, unfortunately, and by the time I go there I only managed to get in the center of the room about fifteen people back. But it was right in the center of the stage and I had a great view.

Now, let me tell you about my fun experience. Normally I am very uncomfortable being by myself in large crowds. I know, big fat guy frightened by large crowds. Anyway, there I was in the middle of this sea of strangers looking for my friends. So, I’m pushing my way through as best I could without upsetting one of the giant body builders. Did they ALL have to come to same show together. What? Is there some kind of odd body builder’s newsletter that tells them that they all have to show up at the same show or something? Anyway, I’m snaking through the crowd and I step between these really beautiful girls and that’s as far as I can get. So one of the girls looks at me like I’ve got no business being there, which I didn’t since obviously I wasn’t a body builder and this was their convention or something. So she says, “what are you doing? You’re right in the middle of my group and we’re short!” Okay, so now I’m not a body builder, I’m fat, and now I’m too tall. Tell me I’m old and the grand prize for lame will go to me! Ha. SO, I excuse myself and move back to the other side of them. The show is about to start and I was done fighting the mob so I figured, hey, I have a great view of the stage so I’m going to stay put.

The first band up was Filter. Now, Filter only had one song I could remember and that was “Picture” that came out a few years ago. So, while I did enjoy the set the only song I knew and could sing along to was that one. Let me comment on Filter themselves for a moment. While I completely understand that production in the music industry is everything, the lead singer’s voice just doesn’t sound that great live. He’s okay, but clearly not the greatest. The guitarist looked like he had been exiled from a late 80’s punk band and was totally lost out in the real world with his crazy spiked hair and numerous facial piercings. The bassist, on the other hand, was one of the body builders here for the convention and to prove it he had to parade around the stage sans shirt like he was Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers or something.

It was during Filter that the group of middle-aged while boys directly–I mean the guys were bumping right into me the whole set–decided it was a great time to light up a joint and pass it amongst them. I can see how cops recognize the stink of that stuff. It stank horribly and made me want to gag a few times. It’s not very easy to sing and hold your breath at the same time. And . . . right about then they started jumping around and trying to dance. Body builders should never try to dance around while taking hits off of a joint and two fisting beer. It’s just not a pretty site. It’s also not very coordinated, which led them into almost knocking the girls over. One of them, who I swear looked exactly like Prince minus the mustache, tried to get up into this big bald dude’s face and while he apologized, she just never got over it and had a sour face the rest of the time she was there. Of course, I didn’t know her from Eve so that could very well have been her normal face.

Right after this, a mosh pit began right next to me. Again, let me reiterate. I HATE MOSHING. I think it’s stupid, childish, careless, and has no regard for anyone else. So, right away, I’m using my arms to protect myself. So now, these girls are being slammed from both sides and they’re tiny little things so, being a gentleman I tried to put myself kind of between them and the pit. Thankfully there was this other guy there, who had already been talking to the girls, who was also trying to put himself between them and the pit and we were both able to keep them from being squished.

For the rest of Filter and then for most of Chevelle, once they came on–which was awesome by the way!–one of the girls, was smashed up against my chest. I could not move. I was smashed up against the chest of a 400 pound Islander who looked like he at Sumo wrestlers for breakfast so I had nowhere to go. Hands up, eyes forward, listening to awesome music, protecting myself from idiot moshers, and the occasional crowd surfer. Thankfully, only one of them came across our part of the floor.

When Chevelle was on, the one song I really wanted to hear was “Sleep Apnea.” And, as you would expect, when they did play it the pit started up again and I was so distracted keeping the idiots back that I missed the whole song. Idiots! D’oh!

Between Chevelle and Bush I attempted once more to find my friends only to get within 4 people of them and was forced to turn back. Thankfully, I was able to get back to basically where I had started, but this time I was behind another body builder and his four-foot wide shoulders. Great, now, not only am I getting smashed but I can’t see past this guy. 

When Bush came on they started their set with my favorite song of their’s “Machinehead.” The opening guitar rift is so awesome that I still can’t get it out of my head. It was the perfect opening song, just like “Heavy” when Collective Soul used it to open during the Bash. After that, they played some songs I didn’t immediately recognize and then played “Sounds Like Winter” off of their new album, which is a very good song in my opinion. It was funny, during one of the songs the lead singer started singing a song from the Talking Heads, and with his hair pulled back he looked exactly like the guy. It was hilarious. Wish I had had a better camera to have taken his picture up close then I could have done a real comparison. Ha.

All in all, the concert was a fantastic experience. I loved the music, I met some very interesting people, was able to use my size to help some people not get smashed by idiots, and had a grand old-time. Being on my own in the middle of that crowd would have made me so uncomfortable just a year ago. I’ve grown a little this past few months after everything I’ve been put through. I’m not exactly sure which way I’ve grown but I can see a big difference in myself.

Truth be told, I think I kind of like it.


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